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Dreadlocks - Care & Attention

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Dreadlocks are by nature a unique hairstyle that requires care and attention. Dreadlocks require more attention than other hairstyles so it is always best to only seek out hairstyle professionals who specialize in dreadlocks like Aspen Salon Deja Vu. The fact is that regular hair care and care for dreadlocks are not at all the same so make sure the person working on your hair knows the differences!

Looking to trim your dreads? Just let us know what you want snipped off and our hair stylists will give you the look that you want. Dreadlocks are adaptable enough that you can remove inches from your hair length without drastically changing your look. But if you want to change your look entirely, that's OK too! Dreadlocks are the ultimate versatile hairstyle.

Looking to understand more about natural hair care for dreadlocks? Talk to our friendly, courteous and knowledgeable hair care staff in Arlington, TX. They can recommend which products to use on your dreadlocks in order to promote longevity, scalp health and well-being.

Maybe you want a haircut but also have another problem related to your dreads. Whether it's itchiness, thinning or any other kind of hair related problem, the staff at Aspen Salon Deja Vu will do their best to answer any questions you have about your unique hairstyle. In fact, dreadlocks are not so much a hairstyle as a lifestyle choice. Our staff is a font of knowledge for anything dreadlocks related!

Or perhaps you just need to wash or color your dreadlocks? No problem! Our staff will assist you with any highlights, hair coloring or shampoo and conditioning needs that you have. No matter what dread related issue you have, we have the answer!