Hair Braiding

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Hair Braiding - Easy And Affordable

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There's nothing like the transition from regular hair to braids. Hair braiding is an easy and affordable way to make unruly hair manageable and easy to care for. Braids are also convenient in that they cut down on the time needed to wash and comb hair since the braids themselves keep the cuticle and hair shaft clean and untangled.

Hair braiding has been around since time itself. Going from a regular hairstyle to a braided one can completely alter your look and boost your confidence. Surprise your friends and family and yourself with a follicular transformation courtesy of Aspen Salon Deja Vu!

Another benefit of hair braiding is that it doesn’t require the commitment of dreadlocks since they can generally be removed without cutting your hair length. So why not give braids a try? If they don't work out and you want to remove them and go with a different hairstyle, our hair care professionals will be glad to help you try a new look or help you go back to your old one!

No matter your hair type or hair length, we have a braided hairstyle for you!

We offer every type of braid imaginable including

• Updo Braids
• Ponytail Braids
• French Braids
• Side Braids
• Combination Braids
• Pigtail braids
• Cornrows

Dreadlocks and cornrows are probably the most popular types of natural hairstyles. But if they aren't your thing there are plenty of other hair care services that we offer.

This includes

• Two strand twisting
• Silky twisting
• Kinky curls
• Hair pressing
• Hair straightening

Many people think that braids are easy to do on your own. But the truth is that not all braids are created equal and some are more difficult to style than others. Braiding your own hair brings with it the risk of breakage and discomfort if done incorrectly. Don't risk losing your hair! Leave the braiding to the professionals at Aspen Salon Deja Vu in Arlington, TX. Just sit back, relax and let our hair care professionals take care of your luscious locks.